REVAMP » Theme #03 - Loving Him Was Red by dealwithrhass

» Live Preview | Code 

I revamp theme #03 because I realize there are still errors on the code. Anyways, thanks to that user who message me about it. :) 

I added new feature on this theme.

  • Show additional links (*optional*)

Please like/reblog if you will use it. This theme is best viewed in Google Chrome.

Theme Features: 

  • 5 custom links
  • customizable colors
  • customizable background image
  • customizable RENDERED sidebar image. Please use a rendered image with width: 603px or more than that.
  • Fading Images (by default)
  • Reblog and Like Button direct link
  • Back To Top Button
  • Webkit scrollbar

Additional/Optional Features: 

  • Monochrome Images in Hover
  • Show Caption Option


You can find a rendered images in deviantart.. The Taylor Swift rendered image I’ve use is came from there. You can also search at Google Images. Or you can make on your own.



  • Do not steal.
  • Do not use as a base code
  • Do not remove/hide my credits.
  • Do not redistribute
  • Do not claim this theme as your own.
  • Don’t take and use some part of the code to use to other theme or make a new one.
  • You can edit/tweak or change some parts of the code but don’t claim it as yours.

If you are encountering problems just message me here. Thank you. :)

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