FOR 2 weeks
Hello guys. I'm on hiatus right now because of the following reasons:
  • My blog became a mess. For the last few days, I felt my blog was a sort of a mess. It was filled of lots of random stuffs/posts that I think it became more a reblog blog rather than a personal blog.
  • Revamping. Due to the first reason, I am thinking to have a total revamping and reinventing my blog. I actually starting it by cleaning & polishing all the tags I made for my posts. Deleting some non-sense posts of mine (w/c i don't believe I published that post). Plus, I am now working on my new blog theme and planning to change my username.
  • New Username. Yes. I'm going to change my username. But i'm still in the midst of brainstorming of what would be my new username. If ever you have suggestions, just message me. :)
  • Busy. I am a bit busy because I am currently looking for my first job. I travelling and going to different companies 2 times a week. If not, I was just in front of my laptop looking for job online, reviewing for employment exams, preparing for interviews, and reading some books. So that's why I don't really have time to blog + i have no motivation to do so.
  • Getting some motivation. I actually want to gain some motivation to blog. Most of the time, I was lack of that. That's why I dont post or blog so much. If I ever done revamping my blog, maybe i will gain some motivation to blog more.
So, if ever you stumble upon on this blog please bear with me. If you have any questions, dont be shy to talk to me. Or you can keep in touch with me on my other SNS. :) Thank you lovelies. :)
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